About Us

Vision and Mission

CassavaHUB was founded in 2015 after an observation that Nigeria lacks value chain in almost all Agri-produce. And the visible potential crop for diversification from the oil-dependent economy is Cassava. So we take it upon ourselves to bridge the gap and put forward a more organized Cassava value chain that can attract investments and capital from diverse sources.



“To be the number one one-stop-shop for all Cassava related activities in Nigeria.”

Mission:“To achieve our vision by bridging the gaps in the cassava sub-sector industry and creating sustainable values in the value chain.”

What we do

For Farmers

We are here to help Cassava farmers, whether Small holder, Medium-sized farmers or Large-scale Farmers gain access to profitable, sustainable markets and knowledge they need to improve production quantity and quality per Hectare basis.
We do so by connecting them to better market leads and facilitate their access to information, Advisory services, training, storage, transportation &Logistics, improved cassava stems and farm inputs.

For Buyers/Processors

Building sustainable supply chains involving farmers requires maintaining close relationships which is a complex, time and resource consuming process.
We are here to help buyers/Processors streamline their supply chain by working with them as strategic partner in the area of raw material sourcing and thus reducing time, cost and effort required to establish sustainable supply relationships with farmers.

End Products marketing and distribution is more difficult than most budding processors realize as it often involves Targeted marketing and distribution.
We will also assist processors by entering into distribution partnerships to market and distribute qualified products to end product users (Industrial for now).

For Bankers

Bankers are always looking for value to put their money in. We help the industry participants such as  Buyer/Processors,Farmers, Logistics providers and Agri-machinery providers  in helping Banks understand their industry better thus they can bring in the required liquidity needed to push the industry to a globally competitive one. We can also help the Banks understand the industry better.

For Logistics services Providers

The industry remains largely informal with no dedicated logistics services. We hope to help Logistics service providers by matching them with both buyers/Processors and Farmers. This will help them plan and make significant contribution in terms of innovation that will help the industry moves its products from point A to Point B, both raw cassava and processed products.

For Machinery Providers

This is opportunity for people that already into machinery rental/leasing services to come around and put forward their business proposition to us and helping them match with farmers. Also, it’s time to expand more into Agricultural machinery and also know they will make money from it.

For Government

Government now have opportunity to make use of our platform to reach out to the Cassava Sub-sector All classes of farmers whether Large-scale, medium-scale or smallholder farmers. They will also be able to have the database of genuine Cassava Farmers practicing in Nigeria.