Cassava Xchange

 Market Report

This is a report that gives overview of the market and what is likely to happen in the market in the coming days and months. It also serves market feelers to encourage investment or discourage such ventures now. It takes a short, mid and long term look at the market. {COMING SOON}

Prices Updates

The prices below is the average prices of the products covered from different sources. So for financial estimates, kindly calculate with +/- 10% of the prices listed here.

New weekly Price/Ton Last Week Price/Ton Diff %
Cassava Tubers(Farm gate price)   N18,000  N20,000 -10
Cassava Stems(Farm Gate Price)  N300  N300  Unchanged
Cassava Starch  –  –
Gaarri  130  130 Unchanged
High Quality Cassava Flour 85,000  85,000 Unchanged

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This is where buyers and sellers can register and be matched to deal. We will help post the offer/lead and get qualified matching vendors for the offers. And get business done effectively by been the go-between both parties and helping with payment and others. {COMING SOON}