CassavaHUB NG : The one stop center for all your Cassava needs.

Welcome to CassavaHUB NG: CassavaHUB NG was established to help solve major value chain issues in cassava sub-sector of Agro-industry in Nigeria. we are one-stop solutions center to all your cassava value chain needs.  We act as the link between Buyers and Sellers of Cassava and its derived products. We are the industry link to all good things that can happen in the industry. Providing the liquid blood to run the value chain. From Project planning, land clearing, planting of Cassava, weed control management,  harvesting, supply chain & logistics management.  At the moment, we all know that inadequate Value chain is the bane of growth in the entire Agribusiness industry in Nigeria.  Take note of the word “Agribusiness” because it’s different from Agriculture and Rural Development that the Government of Nigeria focused on. We are here to fill-in such gap in the Cassava sub-sector of the Agribusiness sector by helping all value-chain players in the Cassava sub-sector meets their goals and profits objectives.

So permit me to welcome you all to CassavaHUB NG where all your needs will be met always.

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