Cassava Xchange

Cassava Xchange is where we offer weekly prices of Cassava tubers and other derived products. It is the industry standard for price notifications and its there to help all industry players plan. {COMING SOON}


Contract Farming Services

Contract Farming Services is offered to Buyers/Processors and other industry players. CassavaHUB help them plant Cassava and deliver tubers on contract basis. This entails the company providing inputs and machinery while CassavaHUB provides land and management.


Joint Venture Farming

This service involves CassavaHUB coming together with partners either farmers or Buyers/Processors in farming Cassava at large scale.


Cassava Farming Investment services

CassavaHUB offers this service to potential investors who are interested in cassava farming but are new into it but want to achieve success in the business. We will also do CassavaHUB Investment funds for these set of investors. This opportunity will be available 2 times a year. More information on this will be communicated later when the opportunity is available.


Farm Management Services

Farm Management Services involves helping Farmers/Processors manage their farms for management fees. This is service is offered at percentage of the total budget for the farm. This service entails helping manage the farm from planting to harvest stage.


Farm Advisory Services

CassavaHUB do offers Advisory services on general crop farming but with emphasis on Cassava production. You can call for such services and it’s a fee-based service, but most time is always token but can go a long to determine success of your project.


Feasibility and Viability reports and Business Proposal writing services

CassavaHUB helps Farmers, Processors and Other Industry Players to write Bankable feasibility proposals, investment proposals and Business plans for Cassava Related Businesses. This documents is good for investors and banks for financing.


Labour Outsourcing Services

We also provide labour outsourcing services, helping farmers and both processors source for labour to work on the farm or in the factory. This service is provided on contract job basis and not annual contract of labour (Cotonou and Togo boys).


Machinery Matching Services

We also provide Machinery Matching service for farmers, Buyers and Bankers. This involves helping farmers get cost-effective land clearing, land preparation, planting and harvesting services.


Linkage Services between Banks, Farmers, Processors and Logistics Providers

We also provides linkages between all potential and active industry players such as Banks with Farmers and Processors. Also in helping setting up Tripartite agreements between Farmers, Buyers/Processors and Bankers.


Cassava Ancillary Services (Cassava Stems Supplies, Cassava Tubers, Agrochemicals, Fertilizer and Logistics services).


Cassava Stems Supplies Services

We do provide quality stems at a very competitive pricing. We have TME 419, TMS 30572 and TMS 306(Sanmi) and Akers (7 months variety) available in large quantities. We can supply it to any location in Nigeria. Outside South-west region, it depends on quantity but lower quantities can still be ordered if the buyer will be able to pick up.  We also help with transportation and logistics on request.

We also provides service of planting either mechanical or manually but for mechanical, you must have a well prepared land and also be within Ogun and Oyo state and must have large acreage for planting. Also we provide spraying services and weeding of farm on request. We also help to sell if need be for those that have cassava to sell.

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Cassava Tubers Supplies services

We can help farmers sell their cassava tubers to industrial users. And this we do based on commission, which is not too much to afford.  We also help industrial users organize their supply chain by giving us their monthly demand and LPO to back it up. We will help source for the cassava and organize the logistics. So you can concentrate on your production while we cover the supply chain management. We will also want funds to be available. It will be cash and carry basis to get this done and also we charge little commission for our services.

Agrochemicals and Fertilizer Supplies services

We can help farmers with Agrochemicals, we will help deliver Agrochemicals and Fertilizer inputs to your farms no matter the location.  So try us today for your Agrochemicals such as Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides and Fertilizers (Liquid and solid).

Logistics services

CassavaHUB also have verified and trusted logistics providers, we can help in fixing your transportation needs. Just call us today.